Do You Know How Strong Your Garage Really Is?

There are plenty of things your garage does that require strength, and we went through the performance challenges that they are put through each day to show you about the things you probably don’t even consider. Once you read this, you’ll have a better understanding of how important it is to make sure you have a quality garage door that professionals install – and you might not even look at these doors the same way again!

Do you know what your garage goes through each day?

Every day, your garage door works hard, and most of us don’t even see it.

Take a moment to consider how many times you’ve heard a ball bouncing off the exterior of the door.

It regulates the temperature inside your garage, keeping the cold and heat outside.

It prevents burglars from being able to use it to gain access into your home.

It stands up to high winds, blowing rain and other weather extremes.

Consider these comparisons of what you ask your door to do.

The average garage door goes through 25,000 open/close cycles in its lifetime. That’s the equivalent of the door hiking Mount Everest’s 29,000 feet a total of 5 times.

The amount of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that hit the door each day equals the same amount of energy required to cook a whole turkey. Over 25 years, that means your garage door withstands the same amount of energy as that found in 55 gasoline barrels, and it never stops shining!

If your 12′ x 8′ door is subjected to 90 mph winds, it is essentially standing up to the weight of a car.

The amount of insulation in an R-16 rated garage door is roughly the same as if you put on three one-inch thick, Thinsulate winter coats. That results in a temperature difference between the outside and inside temperatures of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you choose a door that is weather sealed and well-insulated, you’ll see similar temperature differences in the summer too, making sure your interior stays cool.

Now do you realize how important your garage door is?

There’s no doubt what you just read helped you realize the importance of your garage, especially one that seals out the weather and has good insulation. If you want the best performance, consider an option with polyurethane insulation. This will make sure the interior is protected from the heat and cold outdoors, and it will also reduce the amount of exterior noise you hear and provide increased resistance to bending.

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