One of the significant investments in the life of a man is his home. You have spent a lot of time in getting it exactly the way you want it. Home is where you spent a major chunk of your day. It is your prized possession that you associate with memories with family. So when it involves hiring someone to work on a home, people take great care to hire the right people. Even making the decision on who should handle restoration is no exception to the rule.


A company should be able to provide information regarding the certificate of their technicians. Many companies offer certifications that are recognized. Some states require licensing regarding water damage restoration while others do not require. You have to check the individual requirements of your state. You have to ensure that the services of the company you hire are following guidelines.


Examine whether the person you are hiring has adequate knowledge regarding the field of water damage restoration. You have to determine his level of experience. Enquire for how long they had been in the industry and what were the companies they had worked. Whatever questions you have from your end, he should be able to answer them quickly and accurately.


You do not have to depend on someone for a referral or recommendation. You can find out for yourself if a company is reputed or not. You can run an online check on the company and learn from customer feedback whether they have happy customers or not. You can also ask around a bit for some personal experience. Insurance companies can give good advice about who can give good quality restoration service.

Quality customer service

Ensure that the business you select provides quality customer service. In many cases, it is seen that the lead technician is answering the phone calls. If they are on a job site, then it will be very challenging for you to get hold of them. It is better to avail the services of a company who has a separate department dealing with customer service. They should be in a position to guide you in times of need at any time of day.

Hiring local help

Try to hire a local company. In this way, you can deal with reputed companies or individuals in your neighborhood. Ensure that they give you a written contract.

Making payments to the contractor

Take caution while making payments to the contractor. Make sure that there is a clause in the contract that you will receive waivers or lien releases for all materials and labor, once the final payment is made.

Extensive repair work

In the case of extensive repair work, you do not have to make full payment in advance. Rather, the contractor may ask for periodic partial payment as the work progresses. Each state has its set of rules regarding the payments to be made to the contractors.

In case of discrepancy

If there is any difference regarding the cost of repairs, then contact the insurance company. Try to sort out the differences with the company representative. You should communicate with the Department of Insurance if the matter remains unsolved.