So, you want to turn your bedroom, spare room or cellar into a music studio or jam room. You’ve got all your instruments, laptops, speakers and mics set up, poised and ready to make beautiful music. Until you start working on the acoustics, however, you’re going to be dealing with low quality recordings, angry neighbours/housemates and frequent interruptions to your train of musical thought.

Four reasons you need acoustic treatment for your music room

Better sound

By properly treating the acoustics in your room, you will reverse the negative effect the room’s conditions might have on your sound and recordings. The cavernous echoes of your basement or the tinny rattles of your bedroom can be transformed into vibrant, vivid, musical sound with the right adjustments to the environment.

More control

For the producers and would-be producers out there, effective acoustic treatment will be a must. Taking proper steps to soundproof and insulate your musical space, you can precisely control the way music reverberates through the room. This will allow you to get the precise, accurate high quality sound you are looking for from every recording.

Better concentration

When confined to your properly treated studio you and your band members can work without interruption from outside noise. This means less distractions and better focus throughout your sessions.

It’s nice for your neighbours

Good neighbours and housemates are hard to find these days. Avoid alienating yours by properly sound proofing your music room, ensuring they aren’t disturbed by the sound of your late night jams.

Proper acoustic treatment at home

While there are short cuts that you can take when soundproofing a room that involve the use of common household objects like quilts and egg cartons, these methods are rarely effective. While they may help trap some of the sound, they will not stop it all from escaping. More importantly, they will not give you the crucial levels of control over sound you require to record with real accuracy.

To be sure you reap the full benefits of acoustic treatment in your studio, it is well worth investing in proper acoustic treatments for your floors, walls and ceilings. With the right choice of solutions, you can be sure you’ll have the freedom to zero in on the sound you are after, while losing none of its power.

If you want to start home recording then acoustic treatment will be essential. Don’t be tempted to cut corners, however, as proper treatment will be much more effective in the long run.

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