We keep contact numbers of emergency services like a plumber, electrician, carpet cleaners, etc., but, we often forget to add some other services to the list, which are equally important and could come handy at the time of emergency.

No guesses? Okay, we are talking about emergency water extraction service. Accidents can happen anytime, and sometimes, by chance, you could be there to handle the situation, but most of the times you won’t be.

What then? Obviously, you cannot save your house from being a victim of natural disasters, pipe burst or leakage, water overflow, leakage from the roof, etc., all the time. But, what you can do, is to make sure that you call for water extraction service immediately, and know how to control the situation till they arrive; because the longer you wait, more the damage will be, and harder the repair will be.

Let’s say that you are lucky and the water flooding case is a small one, like some tiny leak in the bathroom or kitchen; it can be handled easily. Grab a couple of towels and a bucket, and you are good to go. But, if the water is toxic, like from the sewage, then this DIY water extraction plan could be extremely dangerous.

You can get seriously ill, and the water could contaminate your whole house, if not removed properly. In such a circumstance, the best option is to call an emergency water extraction service, and until they arrive, you can remove the movable furniture and other items that have been standing in the contaminated water. Trying to DIY handle this situation would make things worse, and you could end up with mold and pest infestation in your house.

As water tends to get contaminated, a good water extraction service always takes proper precautions and help you get back on your feet. They use proper protective gear and highly powerful machines to fight the flooding and protect your property from getting damaged. Afterward, they help you in drying your possessions and use disinfectants to make them safe to handle again.

Remember, they will do everything possible to take care of your house, but, it’s not just their job. You can help them and your family by making the working environment safe.

First of all, switch off the main power source, because water and electricity are not at all a good combination. Remove whatever you can from the flooded area and keep them in the sunlight to dry out. If the flooding is caused by a leak, shut off the main water supply. Do not let your kids and pets near the contaminated water. Stay calm and don’t panic.

Doing just these things would be a great help for service pros.