Do you wish you had more room in your bathroom? Do you want a way to upgrade it without a huge expense? There are many do it yourself products you can consider. One of them is installing bathroom mirror cabinets. There are plenty of styles and designs as well as sizes for you to pick from.

More Lighting

A common complaint in a bathroom is the lack of lighting. There may be dark shadows in the room that make it look dingy and uninviting. Bathroom mirror cabinets with lights on it may be the ideal solution. It is certainly less expensive than adding new light fixtures and redoing the wiring in the bathroom.

Enhance the Room

If you need something to enhance the room and break up the visuals, bathroom mirror cabinets can do the trick. They can offer a lovely view for the room and also give you a focal point when you use the sink. Most people like to look at their hair or makeup when they leave the bathroom. The mirror will allow them to do so.


For most people though, adding bathroom mirror cabinets is done for functionality. Being able to have more room for items you put in the bathroom is important. You don’t want your bathroom to be cluttered. It can be annoying to carry items back and forth to the bathroom with you because you don’t have enough space in there to leave them.

The mirrors can be slid to the side to reveal shelves behind them. These can be convenient places to store medication, dental hygiene items, hair products, and so much more. Many of the bathroom mirror cabinets have adjustable shelves in them. This enables you to adjust them to fit the dimensions of the items you plan to store in there.


You will be impressed by the wide variety of items when you shop around for bathroom mirror cabinets. They are available with a variety of sizes, shapes, and even dimensions for the shelves inside of them. The types of handles can be different so you can pick something that matches well with the d├ęcor if your bathroom.

Many of them have a wood coloured outside boarder around them. Others are more universal so they can be used in any type of bathroom at all. As you look at around at them, you will start to identify those you feel would work best in your particular bathroom setting.

Easy to Install

Most of these products are very easy to install. It is best to have someone assist you so you can get it centred and you can make sure it doesn’t fall while you are securing it. Since these can be heavy duty, you need to make sure you use wall anchors to secure them in place well. Follow the instructions so you don’t make any mistakes.

If you are unsure about the process or unsure of your own abilities, it is best to hire a professional to complete the job for you. In fact, you can hire someone to come in and take the measurements for you. Let them know what you are interested in and they can come back with some options for you to pick from.

It doesn’t cost much for this type of work to be done. Yet it can give you the solution you want without you having to do it on your own. Adding this type of cabinet to your bathroom is going to be very rewarding. You will use them often as soon as they are installed!