When Is Acoustic Treatment Most Effective?

So, you want to turn your bedroom, spare room or cellar into a music studio or jam room. You’ve got all your instruments, laptops, speakers and mics set up, poised and ready to make beautiful music. Until you start working on the acoustics, however, you’re going to be dealing with […]

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New Technology in Luxury Flooring: Rigid Core

If you are looking for the latest and greatest in home flooring, you will want to check out rigid core! It’s the newest technology available in luxury vinyl. Flooring manufacturers are constantly making new developments to create floors that are easy to maintain, functional and beautiful. They do not disappoint […]

St Joseph – The Home Selling Saint

If your house is for sale, consider using a St. Joseph statue to sell the house. This is a tradition that began in the 16th century. In order to better understand the significance of this ritual, it is helpful to have the following historical background information. Father of Jesus Joseph […]

Spring Home Exterior Clean-Up Tips

Over the winter, our homes face some extreme conditions. Making small repairs now can prevent larger, more expensive, repairs in the future. Here are some spring time exterior maintenance suggestions: 1] Roofing: With all the snowfall over this past season, there is a possibility that your roof may have been […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing Pipe Repair

If you think your home is in need of a major plumbing overhaul, the first fact you should know is that a state-licensed master plumber is the only person certified to provide safe and effective plumbing pipe replacement and repair. They will have the knowledge, training, experience, and resources to […]

Whether to Rent or Not To Rent a Portable Toilet

The indoor restroom is a nominal choice for limited usage, perhaps the perfect fit for less frequent use though. Then comes portable toilet, a square-shaped movable unit with all the necessary features incorporated within the compartment. It plays a vital role as restroom where the indoor facility stays back. Just […]

How to Invest Well in Furniture

Furniture is not just a part of home decor, it’s an investment. While there are a couple of inexpensive options in the market. But solid wooden furniture can actually be quite expensive for most of our pockets. It’s not only an investment in terms of money, but also in terms […]

Amazing Uses Of Bamboo

With a vast increasing population, the demand for new housing and consumables is diminishing Africa’s forests. Trees are vital for our planet’s survival especially for cleaning the air and our environment from all the toxic gasses. Tree overage has decreased from 35% to a mere 3% in the last decade. […]

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